Desktop Time Controlling

Desktop Time Controlling is software that protocolls the programs you use in the background. You don't need to keep track of which files took how long for what customer any longer. Simply start our software and it will protocoll your work for you.

At the end of the day or at the click of your mouse you can see the complete protocoll or a condensed version with times already summed up by file.

You need Desktop Time Controlling when you don't have time to keep track of the work you do on your computer for different customers.
All you need to do is to start the software once a day. After that you can concentrate on your work. Leave time tracking to Desktop Time Controlling.


Desktop Time Controlling has the following features:

Try Desktop Time Controlling for free: download the free trial version now. Or buy the full version for only 19.99 Euro, 19 % German VAT included.