Double click the setup-file.

Installation assistant

Follow the installation assistant by clicking "next" and accept our licence agreement. Choose the start-menu folder you want the program to reside in.

Tracking your times

Start Desktop Time Controlling by clicking on the application's icon in the start menu. The program now tracks all open windows and the files that you are working on.

Start the analysis

Start the analysis by right-clicking on the clock-symbol in the windows system-tray in the bottom right of your display. Create the current protocoll from the menu, then choose "open protocoll folder" from the menu. A new windows explorer opens.

View your work hours in a spreadsheet application

Double click on the protocoll file you want to view. Your spreadsheet application should start (e.g. OpenOffice).

Choose "Comma" and "Quotation marks" as text dividers.

Your work hours are displayed in a table and can be used for reports, invoices or whatever you choose.